Hanson Diabetes, Clinical Trial: Lixilan-D Study, Soliqua 100/33Are you Hispanic, Black/African American or Asian?

You may qualify for this study. Contact us for more information.

The Lixilan-D (Diversity) study is comparing the safety of Soliqua™ 100/33 versus Lantus® in ethnically/racially diverse patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus inadequately controlled on basal insulin and oral antidiabetic agents.
You may be eligible to participate in the Lixilan-D (Diversity) study if:

  1. You are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes
  2. You are 18 years of age or older
  3. You A1C level is between 7.5% – 10%
  4. You are taking basal insulin with up to two oral anti-diabetes medications

Eligible participants will receive:

  • Study medication and supplies
  • Time and travel stipend

No out-of-pocket expenses for study related items!

Call (941) 764-9110 to find out if you qualify.

Download the Flyer Here