Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a chronic disease affecting the entire body. Good diabetes management requires a team approach because of the complexity of the disease.  The patient is responsible for self-management and is the head of the team.

We are proud to have a team of qualified professionals available to serve you. We work closely with your Primary Care Physician, Podiatrist, Ophthalmologist, Cardiologist and Exercise Specialist to complete your care. These experts are also a part of your diabetes care team.

The Hanson Diabetes Center is your local source for Diabetes Management and Education in Charlotte, Sarasota and DeSoto counties.

We are committed to providing you with the most current information and treatments for managing your diabetes. Our “Living Smart Diabetes Self-Management Program” is recognized by the American Diabetes Association.

Classes are offered monthly in our state-of-the-art conference room, located next door to our Diabetes Center, located in Port Charlotte, Florida. Patients come to us from all over Southwest Florida.

Our experienced team of health professionals include an endocrinologist, nurse practitioner, registered dietitian, certified diabetes educators and a dedicated office staff.

The Hanson Diabetes Center has implemented a 5-step Care Program

Step 1.
Our Endocrinologist will see you for an initial evaluation and to determine a treatment plan.

Step 2.
You will be referred for diabetes education, carbohydrate and nutrition counseling through our American Diabetes Association recognized Living Smart Diabetes Self-Management Program. This is a critical step towards reaching good glucose control and decreasing risk of complications from your diabetes.

Step 3.
The Nurse Practitioner will see you on an ongoing basis to carry out your treatment plan, make medication adjustments and help you reach your diabetes goals. Dr. Hanson electronically reviews your chart and meets with the ARNP / PA-C regularly to discuss your diabetes.

Step 4.
You will be referred back to Dr. Hanson for re-evaluation if you failed to improve your diabetes control in a reasonable time frame. You may also be asked to participate in a group visit.

Step 5.
It is our goal to achieve a state of the art, comprehensive diabetes program. As such, we have included an ongoing diabetes support group and clinical research center to benefit you and our community. We hope that you will choose to participate!

Diabetes Education

Since it was first awarded in 1986, the CDE® credential has become a standard of excellence for the delivery of quality diabetes education. Dr. Hanson is CDE accredited.

Who is a Certified Diabetes Educator?

A Certified Diabetes Educator® (CDE®) is a licensed healthcare individual who is academically trained and who has worked with individuals with prediabetes and diabetes. A Certified Diabetes Educator® (CDE®) is usually trained as a Healthcare Provider, Pharmacist, Registered Nurse, Registered Dietitian, Social Worker or Exercise Physiologist. The CDE® provides education and self-management tools to help persons with diabetes and prediabetes manage their condition.

Additional Training needed to be a CDE®

A CDE® has worked at least 1000 hours in the field and must pass an exam to show they have knowledge in a broad range of topics such as diabetes basics and complications, nutrition, medication, exercise and coping skills.

What is Diabetes Education?

Diabetes education, also known as diabetes self-management education (DSME)  or training (DSMT) is conducted as a group workshop or one-on-one session. There should be an educational process of instruction, demonstration of knowledge and follow up of set goals.

What is a Certified Diabetes Education Program?

A program, such as Living Smart, that is accredited through an entity that is recognized by CMS as an organization for accrediting entities to furnish outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) to Medicare beneficiaries. Such accrediting organizations include The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE).

About Living Smart Diabetes Self- Management Program (LSDP)

Living Smart Diabetes Self- Management Program is accredited as an American Diabetes Association Recognized Diabetes Education Program since 2002. We boast a 99% patient satisfaction rate.